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Saturday Results

Men’s Results from Saturday 5th August 2023

18 Hole Stroke – August Monthly Mug.

Sponsor: McLennan & Deece Optometrist

Starters: 124

Overall & Mug Winner: Andrew J. Fletcher 66 nett

Á’ Grade Winner: Greg Harvison 71nett c/b

Runner-up: Simon Loadsman 71 nett c/b

‘B’’ Grade Winner: David Morgan 68 nett

Runner-up: Koopah Walters 70 nett

Ç’ grade Winner: Andrew Sear 68 nett c/b

Runner-Up: Frank Petty 68 nett

N.T.P. 1st Pro pin – Ron Phillips 126cm, 6th – Jordon Weller 220cm,

10th - TBA, 17th – Tim Bartlett 76cm.

Pro balls to 75 nett on countback

Visitors from Yamba, Charlestown, Willunga Golf Clubs

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