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Results & Updates - 16th April 2023

On Wednesday 12/4, 18 lovely ladies from Sawtell played in our Interclub 'Bone of Contention' event at Grafton. It was discovered that this has not been played for a few years due to fires, covid and floods. It was a great day with everyone enjoying themselves, but at the end of the day, Sawtell conceded to Grafton. And when you see the results, you will know why. Well done Grafton, but it might be a different story next year down when we play at Sawtell. Thank you Judy Burt for your sponsorship for the overall winner and Shirley Goodger for your lovely raffle prize, won by Jan Patterson.

Event:18 Hole Stableford

Date: 12/4

Visitors: Sawtell ladies

Starters: 61

Sponsor: Judy Burt for Overall winner

Overall Winner: Donna Carter 42pts

Division 1

Winner: Kaye Murdoch 36pts

Runner-up: Sharyn O'Grady 35pts c/b

Third: Ann Gibbons 35pts

Fourth: Heather Purtill 34pts

Division 2

Winner: Brenda Cooper 41pts

Runner-up: Kerry Harding 37pts c/b

Third: Jan Patterson 37pts

Fourth: Sharyn Rowles 33pts

Division 3

Winner: Margaret Rickwood 34pts

Runner-up: Gai Leeson 32pts

Third: Jane Roser 30pts c/b (from Sawtell)

Fourth: Helen Packwood 30pts c/b


1st Holiday Coast Meats & Smallgoods: Elaine Everett (Sawtell)

6th MJO Legal: Donna Carter

10th Clarence Valley Tyre Centre: Chris Constable (Sawtell)

10th 2nd shot Div 3: Helen Packwood

17th Dougherty Property: Narelle Foy (Sawtell)

Balls went to 28pts c/b

On Friday 14/4, 24 ladies played an 18 Hole Stableford, with Brenda Cooper keeping up her great golfing with another win with 38pts, well done Brenda.

Runner-up was Christine Stephenson 37pts, Third place was Sue Robert 36pts and Fourth was Janet Pilgrim 35pts


6th Greeensill Bros: Janet Pilgrim

17th Mt Zion Quarry: Margaret Manahan

Balls went to 30pts

Saturday 15/4, 10 ladies enjoyed the lovely sunshine and played an 18 hole stableford. Vivienne Nichols was the winner with 37pts, closely followed by Heather Purtill with 36pts. Balls went to Shirley Goodger and Chrissy Danvers.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 26th, Ladies Skin's game at Grafton

Friday 28th, Grafton Interclub with Safety Beach at Safety Beach

Friday 28th, 5 team Interclub at Casino

4 and 5 May, Ballina 2 day tournament, closes 20/4

Tuesday 16th May, Murwillumbah 1 day tournament, closes 27/4

24 - 27th May, Grafton May tournament

Happy Golfing

Captain Kaye

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