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Putts "n" Pars

Putt’s ‘n’ Pars from Grafton Golf Club

Weekend Competition

Almost 100 starters teed it up in last Saturday’s 18-hole single Stableford sponsored by Grafton Golf Club with scoring very tight at the top of the leader board. Just two points separated the entire winners list over all grades and the overall winner. Terry Bowe (18) was the overall winner on the day, with a well-earned score of 42 points. Terry played very consistent golf over the two nines recording 20 around the front, which included 5 pars. Around the back 9 Terry’s score included 3 pars and a birdie on the 18th for a 9-hole total of 22. Just the single point in arrears to Terry were four players all with 41 to claim many of the grade trophies. They included Rohan Hackett (4) who was the leader in Á’ grade, Danny Pachos (15) who took out ‘B’ grade with both Noel Allen (20) and Gary Cook (17) claiming the win and runner-up places in Ç’ grade, respectively. All the preceding players were followed by Tim Bartlett (3) and Allen Donaghey (13) with 40 resulting in the runner-up spots in Á’ and ‘B’ grade, respectively. There were three other players with 40 who had to be satisfied with just the status of a pro-ball for their efforts, thanks to the countback process, they were Ted Strong (27), Darron King (20) and Glen Gardner (11). Should you have received a pro ball on the day you needed to play to your handicap as you needed a score of 36 points to secure one. There were nine players on 36 with just four of them being recognized as a pro ball winner following a countback. Once again John Dahl (7) also featured in the results taking out the Pro pin on the 1st, his tee shot finishing just 279cm short of the pin, to add to his impressive collection of trophy wins over the year. The remaining nearest the pin awards when to Paul Langford (5) on the 6th, Alan Donaghey (13) on the 10th with Tim Bartlett (3) once again demonstrating his ability in the nearest the pin competitions claiming the prize on the 17th. This particular trophy his 4th for the week, picking up two awards on Thursday and another one in the Tuesday competition resulting in a substantial increase in the number of golf balls to his stack of new balls.

Mid-week Competitions

The number of players in last Tuesday’s members and veterans were substantially lower than normal with several regular players away on a Golf Coast golf tour, however 63 starters made the effort to play, the winners in both divisions identical. With a score of 41 points, Brad Mostyn (17) claimed the major prize followed by Ron Baker (30) with 40 from John Tracey (12) another regular mid-week winner with 38. Pro balls going down to those with 35 on a countback in both the members and veteran divisions on a countback.

A good field of 63 players contested the Thursday competition with four players finishing on top of the leader board with 38 points. At the conclusion of the countback process the top three winners in order were Shane Essex (11), Ron Phillips (14) and Tim Bartlett (3). Missing out on a major award was John Daley (14). Pro balls for the event going down to 34 on a countback.

Veteran Golf

Members of the Veteran golfer’s division held their Annual General Meeting following last Tuesday’s competition at which time a new committee was installed for the 2023/2024 year. The various committee positions are as follows, President Ron Baker, Secretary Jeff Hackett, Assistant Secretary Graeme Smith, Captain Glenn Gardner, Treasurer Ron Baker with Terry Brooks also taking a position of the committee. Any enquiries relating to Veteran golf refr to anyone on the committee.

Ray Hopwood.

0408 431 343

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