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Putts "n" Pars

Putt’s ‘n’ Pars from Grafton Golf Club


Despite the Christmas/New Year holiday season, both our weekend and midweek competitions attracted strong fields throughout that time, highlighted by some good scoring.  There is no real need to recognize the various winners from throughout that period as those results were posted on the Club’s Facebook page.  However, the Bendigo Bank Summer Consistency Cup continued to proceed in that time with five rounds of the eight-round series now completed.  The various grade results at the completion of the 5th round are as follows.

In A grade (0-11) John Dahl has a three point lead with scores of 32,36,36,39,32 totaling 175.  John’s nearest competitor is John Thompson who currently sits on 172.  There is a rather large gap to the next in line in that grade with Glen Gardner sitting on 165.  The B grade contingent (12-16) is currently led by Paul Hewitt with 179 points.  Paul’s total made up with rounds of 39,38,32,27 with an outstanding round 4 score of 43.  Eleven points in arrears to Paul is Derek Latimer on 168 securing a healthy lead over current 3rd place player Kin Li on 152.  Michael Corfe has established an almost unbeatable lead in C grade (17-54) with a current score of 180 points made up with rounds of 41,36,35,34,34.  Following Michael is Henri Arnold on 168 who has a strong lead over Neville Henwood whose current total score is 153.  Still three rounds of the series are yet to be decided on Saturday 13th,20th and 27th January, therefore the series is far from over and as only six rounds from the eight contested are to count, these current results will no doubt change, which should ensue a competitive end to the Bendigo Bank Summer Consistency Cup.  A complete run down of all scores available on Club notice board.


Monthly Mug

Last Saturday the January Monthly Mug was held with almost 120 starters teeing off in rather hot and humid weather conditions.  Two players, Dean Sing (10) and Mick Beehag (13) completed their rounds tied on a score of 67 nett.  In the end it was Mick who was awarded with the mug, with Dean having to be satisfied with the win in A grade.  There were 32 starters in that grade and the runner-up to Dean was Dwayne Doyle (8) with 69.  There were 38 starters in B grade with the leader board revealing Graeme Lynn (16) the eventual winner in that grade from Shane Essex (12), both players finishing with 70, the countback obviously favoring Graeme.  Just the single shot separated the leaders in C grade in which Mark Robson (17) submitted with winning score of 68.  Mark just edging out Ralf Zaffino (17) on 69.  Winner of the Pro pin on the 1st was Kingsley Smith (6) who put his tee shot just 110cm from the cup.  It cannot be said he made the birdie putt.  With his tee shot finishing 123cm away, Robert Usher (18) secured the nearest the pin award on the 6th.  Brett McConnell (7) who is never far from picking up some sort of trophy picked up the award on the 10th.  The trophy on the 17th west to Billy Bishop (12).  Pro balls went down to 74 on a countback.

Next Saturday the event will be another single Stableford with round 6 of the Summer consistency being held in conjunction.


Midweek Competition

Neil Hayward (17) picked up the win in both the members and veterans’ competitions held last Tuesday, but had to do it the hard way by surviving the countback process with Josh Page (16) equaling Neil’s score of 40 points in the members competition.  2nd runner-up in the members competition was Col Hadley (17) on 39.  Runner-up to Neil in the Veterans competition was Peter Rouse (11) with 39 from Ken Radunz (16) with 38.  Pro balls went down to 31 in the veterans and 34 in the members.

The Thursday competition was taken out by Col Hadley (17) with 41 points.  The 1st and 2nd runners-up spots went to Brian Dougherty (21) and Greg Harvison (1) both on 39.  Pro balls went down to those on 34.


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