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Putt's 'n' Pars - 12th June 2023

Putt’s ‘n’ Pars from Grafton Golf Club It has been a big month so far for Aaron Macfadyen, culminating with a win in last Saturdays Clarence Valley Tyres single Stableford. At the beginning of the month on a handicap of 19 he claimed the 2nd runner-up spot in the Thursday competition with 40 points (1/6/23), followed that result up with a win in the Craig Woods Plumbing Monthly Mug (3/6/23) with an outstanding score of 54 nett playing off a handicap of 18. On the following Tuesday scored 37 points in a Stableford event playing off 16. However he made up for that lapse last Saturday by winning the Clarence Valley Tyres event with another really outstanding score of 47 points playing off a handicap of 15. When he next plays he will find that handicap reduced to 11, however on current form that will reduce further without too much effort. It will be interesting to watch this young player progress his golf career from here on, especially now playing as a “A” grader. In the meantime scoring in the various grades was fairly normal beginning with ‘A’ grade in which Andrew Loy (11) was the winner with 40 points from Jeff Hackett (6) on 38. Danny Pachos (15) and Trevor Townsend (15) both finished on 37 in ‘B’ grade with Danny picking up the win in that grade following a countback. Recording the second best overall score of the day with 44 was Chris Gannon (36) for which he was awarded the “C” grade win. It was a dominate win by Chris, winning that grade by a massive 8 points from his nearest rival Irwin Perring (17) with 36 points. Pro balls went down to those with 33 on a countback. In the nearest the pin department Troy Henwood (14) claimed the Mark Harvison sponsored Pro pin on the 1st. On the Reece Plumbing sponsored 6th, Craig Heaslip (28) claimed that prize. On the 10th (Hanks Kitchen) Scott Bishop (7) was the best with Tim Bartlett (4) awarded the prize on the 17th. Despite being a long weekend holiday the event attracted a good field of 114 starters. The event this coming Saturday will again be a 4Ball Aggregate sponsored by Greensill Bros. In the Thursday event held prior 55 starters made the start with Kingsley Smith (11) on top of the leader board completing his round with 38 points. Next in line was Chris Gannon (37) with 38 from Ron Phillips (17) and Mark Hackett (9) both accumulating a total of 37. Pro balls going to those on 33 or better on a countback. The Tuesday members/veterans competition, just under 110 starters took up the challenge. Results in the members division were fairly tight at the top of the leader board with Brian Napper (10) and Tony Gallagher (6) both recording 39, Brian eventually being awarded the win. The 2nd runner-up spot went to John Martin (10) a Yamba visitor with 38. There were 90 starters in the Veterans component of the days competition in which Brian Napper was awarded the win with his 39. Chris Gannon (38) and Ken Radunz (16) were named as the 1st and 2nd runner-up place getters respectively, both recording 37. Pro balls for the Vets went down to 30 on a countback and 32 in the members competition. Club News All motorised cart owners should have by now received their Buggy Shed rent account, which are due for payment by 30th June next. Should any cart owners have sold their carts and will not be renewing their shed rent obligations could they please advise the office accordingly. Ray Hopwood.

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