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Saturday Competition Results -10th June 2023

Saturday Golf Results - 10th June 2023

Open Men’s 18 Hole Individual Stableford

Sponsor : Clarence Valley Tyres

Starters: 114

Overall Winner: Aaron Macfadyen 47pts

‘A’ grade winner: Andrew Loy 40pts

Runner-up: Jeff Hackett 38

‘B’ grade winner: Danny Pachos 37ptc c/b

Runner-up: Trevor Townsend 37 pts c/b

‘C’ grade winner: Chris Gannon 44pts

Runner-up: Irwin Perring 36pts


1st Pro pin – Troy Henwood 103cm

6th – SCraig Heaslip 95cm

10th – Scott Bishop 178cm,

17th – Tim Bartlett 63cm

Pro balls to 33cb

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