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Championship Standings after Rd3

Updated Grade Standings after Rd3 of 4

AGrade (+to 5)

Greg Harvison 226/ Jackson Wright 229/Scott Brown 237/Tony Blackadder 238/MatthewWorthing 240

AReserve Grade (6-10)

Matt Beetson 247/Jason Casserly 247/ Brad Deece 248 / Steve Camac 249/ Simon Loadsman 252

B Grade (11-16)

Damien Blair 264 / Allan Donaghey 264 /Troy Henwood 267 / Brenden Cotten 268/Wayne Creighton 274

CGrade (17-54)

Trevor Lascelles 280/ Sam Herd 283 / Terry Ord 286 / Bill Dudgeon 287 / Peter Tsiavaris 289

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